The Stanley Cup

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The Los Angeles Kings won the Stanley Cup 2012 beating Devils. Awarded annually to the National Hockey League playoff winner, the Stanley Cup pretty much closes the ice hockey season. The Stanley Cup is also known as The Holy Grail among other names.


Traditions are abounds with the Cup. The winning team drinks champagne out of the Cup. Unlike other cups where the winning team keeps the trophy, the Stanley Cup is kept by the winner until a new winner is crowned and the winning team players names, managers and others names are engraved on the Cup.

The original bowl was made out of silver, 7.8 inches in height and 11.42 inches in diameter. The current cup is topped with a copy of the original, made of silver and nickel, and 35.25 inches in height.

The original cup named Dominium Challenge Hockey Cup donated in 1892 by the then Governor General of Canada, Lord Stanley of Preston and for the first time awarded in 1893 to Montreal HC. According to an agreement between two hockey organizations, NHA and PCHA, the Cup was awarded to the winner in 1915. The NHL took over the Cup in 1947 after an agreement with the trustees.


The International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF)

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Many of us are very familiar with the NHL (National Hockey League) that is playing its 2012 Stanley Cup Championship at this time. It is mainly a non-profit organization consisting of 30 hockey leagues that covers Canada and the United States. However, the IIHF is the governing body of ice hockey and in-line hockey worldwide. Founded in 1908 and head quartered in Zurich, Switzerland this body consist of 70 members (51 full members, 16 associate members and three affiliate members). Its main responsibility is to manage international ice hockey tournaments. Only full members have the voting rights. Associates members may not have a national body that deals with ice hockey issues in the country and affiliate members only participate in in-line hockey.


IIHF presides over the ice hockey games at the Olympics and conducts World Championship games. Additionally, it also organizes the European club championship.

Despite its worldwide responsibility, IIHF has minimal control over the NHL which is the more prominent control authority in ice hockey in North America. However, IIHF has more power over ice hockey in the Europe.

Even with a powerful NHL organization, the IIHF continues to function as the international coordination agency for the sport.


NHL postseason picture is getting clear

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With approximately four games to be played in the regular season, the National Hockey League’s (NHL) playoff picture is somewhat clear. Still there will be a log jam for the eight place with a week before the postseason start.


In the Eastern Conference there seems to be a heated contest for the seventh and eighth places to get into the postseason. Buffalo, Washington and Ottawa are battling it out. It appears that 90 points may be the magic number to qualify.

In the Western Conference, the minimum required point to qualify seems 94. San Jose Sharks may be out of the playoffs but four games remaining they are controlling their destiny. They need to win three out of the remaining four to secure their postseason berth. Dallas Stars have two games with Sharks and their chances are same as San Jose. Even if Los Angeles Kings wins their game with Minnesota, they still need another win out of three remaining games. The Coyotes still needs a win to reach 94 to keep their postseason dream alive. The strong St. Louis Blues are hoping for a boost from other battles, but pushing for a win may give them a place in the postseason.


Guessing the Stanley Cup playoff picture

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At the end of the month, we will know who will be playing in 2014 Stanley Cup playoffs. There will be 16 teams vying for the coveted cup. Playoff schedule will be finalized at the begging of April 2014. Given what happened so far, some notables are expected to make the list. Playoffs are expected to start on April 16th and defending on how games will progress will go on until April 30th. We have used star power, plotlines, arena atmosphere, game outcome especially game seven probabilities, and many other factors to come up with the following list. Don’t forget, many of the teams will include plenty of crowed favorite bearded men and Los Angeles will be the one to watch.

In the Eastern Conference familiar names expected to include Pittsburgh, Boston, Detroit, Columbus, Montreal, Tampa Bay, NY Rangers and Philadelphia.

In the Western Conference the picture is much clear. Teams will include Los Angeles, Colorado, Minnesota, San Jose, Chicago, Dallas, St. Louis, and Anaheim. Surprisingly, all three California teams are showing a strong comeback this year and many expect them to make it to playoffs. If there is a game or series between Ducks and Dallas it will definitely thrill many fans.


Leading to 2014 Stanley Cup playoffs

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Season that began on October 1, 2013, the Stanley Cup championship game is scheduled for April 13, 2014. NBC and its affiliates are expected to carry the playoffs as well as the championship game live on TV and on the Internet. Playoffs leading to the Cup will start on April 16, 2014. Chicago Blackhawks won the 2013 Stanley Cup in come from behind victory over Boston Bruins. Chicago’s winger Patrick Kane named MVP of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Predictions for the 2014 Cup are floating around the Internet. But many may fall flat leading to playoffs. It’s hard to say who will win the Cup. Player acquisition will play a major role in the outcome of many games to come. Based on many available predictions, we can see a pattern is starting to develop. In the Western Conference Anaheim Ducks, St. Louis Blues, Chicago Blackhawks, Los Angeles Kings, Colorado Avalanche, Minnesota Wild, and San Jose Sharks are vying for a position at the playoffs. Last year’s Cup winner Chicago Blackhawks seems to be leading the pack all the way to the final Cup match. On the Eastern Conference Pittsburg Penguins, Boston Bruins, Montreal Canadiens, and Tampa Bay Lightning are closely watched by many fans.


Team USA game against Russia to bring back memories

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It took long 34 years since 1980 Lake Placid Olympic Winter games for ice hockey to be reintroduced at Winter Olympics and Sochi, Russia games are going to the history book for hosting the game. Bolshoy Ice Dome is the venue and rival Russia and the U.S. will be pitted against each other. It is sure to bring back 1980 memories of the U.S. and Soviet rivalry where Team USA won gold and later was the subject of movie “Miracle.” Team USA will face Russia in Sochi on Saturday, February 14, 2014.

Most watch Team USA player will be forward Viktor Tikhonov, who was born in Latvia and moved to Northern California when he was four years old with his father who was hired as an Assistant Coach by the San Jose Sharks. He is also the grandson of famed Soviet coach with the same name who coached the 1980 Soviet Olympic team. Another one connected to 1980 game is defenseman Ryan Suter, whose father was a defenseman at the 1980 game. Los Angeles Kings goaltender Jonathan Quick will get his second start at Olympics for Team USA against Russia. Watch the game online or on NBC.


Sports Celebrations Need the Right Decorations

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With the Super Bowl right around the corner most of us will either be throwing a party or heading over to one. If you’re in the former category, you’ll want to provide enough decorations to make sure everyone has a good time. Consider some of the following unique decorations and your guests will enjoy themselves and talk about your party for ages.

Custom sports banners are always a great touch, considering it’s a team sport you’re watching. If neither team is the one you normally root for, you can get a banner that proudly sports your own name or the title you’ve given your party. Put it outside so your whole block knows who’s throwing the best party in town. Plus it will make it easier for your guests to find you.

Sports inflatables are another great choice. You can get one made up like your favorite player and people will spend the night taking their picture next to it. Of course you can also go the opposite route. Get one of the best player on the other team and people can jeer and make faces at it all night long.

While you’ll want to make sure your guests have plenty to eat and drink at your celebration, don’t miss an opportunity to go the extra mile by using the above two decoration ideas.


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NHL reschedules cancelled Winter Classic for 2014

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The National hockey League (NHL) holds the NHL Winter Classic on or around New Year’s Day since 2008. Traditionally it is played outdoors but a regular season game. Until 2014 game, it was an all American contest. For 2014 NHL Winter Classic, it will be between Toronto Maple Leafs against Detroit Red Wings to be played at the Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor. It was a reschedule of 2013 game which was cancelled due to the lockout. Therefore, an unprecedented crowed expected to watch the game at the stadium as well as on TV.

The first Winter Classic was held on January 1, 2008 at the Ralph Wilson Stadium in Orchard Park, New York between Buffalo Sabres and Pittsburgh Penguins where Penguins won in shootout. The last Winter Classic was at the Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvanian between Toronto and Detroit where Toronto Maple Leafs won 3-2 in a shootout.

The Winter Classic brings additional ratings to the game and provides much needed boost to outdoor hockey games. College and university level games also benefits from the Winter Classic popularity. Attendance and ratings are fairly high in the U.S. but popularity is gradually sliding in Canada.