Neuro Linguistic Programming 101

Have you ever wondered why certain people are more successful than others, and why others never reach their full potential? According to MacKay Solutions, the answer is not talent or luck, but a fundamental difference in the way people think and in their physiology. If this is so, a simple way to achieve successful results can be to mimic or model the behaviors of successful people. How? Through a process called Neuro Linguistic Programming ( NLP ).

Neuro Linguistic Programming is the art and science of using your mind to achieve specific desired results. The process entails taking a NLP course, or several courses, designed to teach techniques and tools that help people model successful people and achieve the same successful results in their own lives.

NLP training combines three areas of study. Neuro stands for neurology and the study of how information from our senses is processed internally. Linguistic highlights how we communicate experiences to ourselves and others through the use of language. Finally, programming denotes the internal strategies and steps that are used to achieve the desired results.