How to Choose a House Cleaning Service

Employing a Southern California house cleaning service shouldn’t expose you and your family to unnecessary risk. Yet with more than 12.9 million different people in the Greater Los Angeles area, it’s normal to worry when you give a stranger unfettered access to your personal or professional space.

The best way to combat uncertainty is to follow these steps to ensure that your house cleaner(s) are reliable, thorough, scrupulous, and responsive—before you open your doors. There are a number of California maid services. Here’s how to find the best:

  • Does the company do background checks? A simple background check can ferret out untrustworthy employees. At Amaidzing Agency, background checks are company policy.
  • Will I be able to communicate with the company and crew? If the company is unresponsive to your calls, it will be unresponsive to any complaints that may arise. And if you cannot relay your instructions to the crew at your residence, your needs will not be met. Amaidzing Agency prides itself on open communication with its clients. All of our crew members speak English and Spanish, and we engage you in the “Initial Walkthrough” and “Final Inspection” phases to affirm that you are satisfied. Only once you are satisfied do we request that you sign off on the Work Order. In addition, we supply you with a customer response card and encourage that you give us feedback.
  • Will I be considered an employer? If you work with a referral agency such as Amaidzing, you may have certain legal responsibilities, including withholding taxes and providing worker’s compensation, depending on whether the domestic worker that is assigned to you is an independent contractor or an employee. For more information about this distinction and what is required of you, please contact your local Employment Development Department, the Franchise Tax Board, and the IRS.
  • Whose cleaning supplies and equipment will be used? It’s important to determine this before you enter into an agreement with a domestic worker. If supplies and equipment rest on you, the expense adds to your cost of employing a cleaning service. Amaidzing crews supply their own cleaning materials.

Good communication with the domestic worker(s) and the referral agency will keep you safe and your house cleaner than ever. Amaidzing Agency is a California cleaning service. Glendale, Beverly Hills, Santa Clarita, and Playa Del Ray customers, as well as customers all over the Greater Los Angeles area, have been satisfied with our services. See for yourself how Amaidzing your home or office can look!