Hockey Speed Training Tips

A common situation that countless numbers of hockey players deal with every year is not having enough speed. In most cases many people will follow some of the common tips that they hear from friends as well as teammates, where the results that they are seeing are mixed. To improve your speed in hockey requires that you use those time tested techniques which have helped countless numbers to improve their speed, allowing their overall level of play to improve. Below are different hockey speed training tips which have been shown to be effective.

One, make sure that you are using the right form, in hockey your overall form that you use when you are skating will play a major role in determining how fast you are. In many situations there are those who are using poor form, where no matter how much intense training they do their overall speed will never increase. To avoid this you want to record yourself skating and see how your form is when you skate. This will tell you what you need to adjust so that you can improve your speed.

Two, use the gym consistently, if you want to be able to become faster means that you have to working out in the gym on a consistent basis. Doing this will help to improve your fitness and strength leading to quicker times on the ice.

Clearly hockey speed training can be confusing as well as challenging. To successfully improve your speed requires that you practice the above techniques on a regular basis. This will help improve your speed, ultimately making you a better hockey player.